Nijmegen Institute for Scientist-Practitioners in Addiction

Marike van Dijk

Persoonlijke informatie


Research psychologist

Since 2009 I work at Tactus Addiction Service. I started as a research coordinator for the SumID-study (see Joanneke van der Nagel and Marion Kiewik). To study the Substance Use  and Misuse in Intellectual Disability, I visited a lot of Social Services (LVB instellingen) throughout the Netherlands and set up a proper collaboration for our research assistants to interview clients. Since face to face contact with the clients is such an important inspiration and resource to me, I myself interviewed clients where possible. These experiences increased my interest for this population.

My experiences in our (Forensic) clinics made me realize that an Intellectual Disability (ID) is quite common but the ID often remains unrecognized. The failure to systematically identify clients with ID might interfere with standard treatment protocols, which often do not systematically take into account the specific needs of individuals with ID (To et al., 2015). The increased vulnerability for treatment dropout in this groups of SUD patients justifies early identification of these high risk patients.


Prevalence and screening of ID within SUD patients are main topics in this PhD project called TactIQ. Due to better screening, SUD/ID patients should receive addiction treatment adapted to their skills and needs. Examples of tailored treatment interventions are “the SumID-Q” (also available in Flamish and Danish) and “Minder drank en drugs”.

Curriculum vitae


  • Health and Safety Psychology (Universiteit Twente)
  • Psychodiagnostics (Hogeschool IJselland)


  • 2012- heden: policy and research at Tactus
  • 2009-2012: research coordinator at Tactus (SumID-study)
  • 2008-2009: researcher at GGD Flevoland
  • 2007: research assistent data analysis
  • 2005: research assistent data entry
  • 2003-2004: Internship and bachelorthesis at 't Roessingh (revalidation centre)



Research coordination SumID -study (Joanneke van der Nagel)

  • Education, presentations, workshops for both professionals and clients,
  • Acquicition of participatie services
  • Implementation of the SumID study within participation services
  • Communication with universities
  • Leading BSc/MSc students (in total 20)
  • Data assembly
  • Sparringpartner to researcher
  • Co-author of "handleiding SumID-Q"
  • Development and implementation of SumID training and workshops