Nijmegen Institute for Scientist-Practitioners in Addiction

Wiebren Markus

Persoonlijke informatie

Functie: GGZ-psycholoog, onderzoeker / promovendus bij IrisZorg

After I became schooled in veterinairy microbiology I became schooled in nursing and worked at a general hospital while concurrently studying clinical psychobiology and neuropsychology at the University of Amsterdam. In 1999 I graduated cum laude.

My thesis was concerned with adaptive behavioral regulation, more specific, the anatomy, pathology and neuropsychology of prefrontal controlmechanisms. In my graduation research project we focused on the influence of a dopamine agonist (Ritalin) and a dopamine antagonist (Haldol) on executive functioning in students using neuropsychological assessments.

Although I already had an interest in clinical relevant research, I decided to focus on gaining clinical experience as a therapist in different fields of work first. From 2007 on, I have worked in addiction care where both my clinical and research interests have met.

Currently I'm working as a genereal mental health psychologist and researcher at IrisZorg. Additionally I provide guestlectures addiction for psychology students at Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. 

Since 2011 I started a Phd project on the feasibility and efficacy of addiction-focused EMDR therapy. 

Curriculum vitae


  • Middelbaar Laboratorium Onderwijs, richting veterinaire microbiologie (Leeuwarden)
  • A-Verpleegkunde (inservice, Burgerziekenhuis Amsterdam en Flevoziekenhuis Almere)
  • Psychologie, richting Klinische Psychobiologie en Neuropsychologie (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
  • GZ-opleiding bij Adhesie (Riagg Almelo) en SPON